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Person who appointed by Court to in charge of the Estate of a decedent, but not appointed in the decedent’s Will.



Female administrator



A written declaration upon oath made before an authorized official



A person or group under the law who receives benefits, profits or advantages under Wills of a deceased person. 



Disposition of Estate made in a Will



Movable Assets



A clause in Will disposing of property



The permanent legal residence or in which a person is or is presumed to be permanently legal resident.



A person named in a decedent’s Will to carry out the instructions of a Will.



A female named in a decedent’s Will to carry out the instructions of a Will.


Grant of Probate

A Grant of Probate is the authority given by Court for the executors named in a Will to gather all the deceased estate and then distribute it according to the Will’s instruction.



A person who is entrusted by law and appointed by the testator to take care of minor child's and minor child’s assets until the child turns 18 years old in case you and your spouse die together.



One who dies without leaving a Valid Will.



Children and the descendants of deceased children.


Letter of Administration

Letters of Administration are authority granted by Court to appoint appropriate people to deal with a deceased estate where there are no Valid Will.


Letter of Administration with the Will Annexed

Letters of Administration with the Will annexed is granted by Court to a Administrator  when a Valid Wills exists but there are no executor or executor unable to execute the Will.


Lex Situs

Lex Situs refers to the law of the place where the property is located for the purposed of the Conflict of Laws.



A person or Trust Corporation appointed by the Court to manage the affairs of the Estate of a deceased person.


Residual Estate

The property that remains in a deceased person's Estate after all specific gifts has been paid off according to a Will.



A person who written a Valid Will.



A person or corporation that holds legal title to the properties in order to administer it for the beneficiaries.


Trust Corporation

A corporation registered under the Trust Companies Act 1949, to provide professional Estate Planning Services to Individual and Corporate client.



A person who attests the testator’s signature and signs the Will in the presence of the testator.


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