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Estate Planning is all about planning the assets and liabilities of a deceased person. It is a planning for a person for the properties owned and family members when he/she is no longer around.

During the old days, lawyer is the only way a person can deal with his Estate Planing. He/she needs to visits lawyer during normal working hours (which is often quite a hassle) and normally it takes few times of visits to get a Will written.

Ironwills is established to make Will Writing processes to be more convenient, affordable and hassle free. Professional Estate Planner has been acknowledged as a medium in Will Writing for people beyond working hours and home/office visits at client’s convenience.

Ironwills is professionally trained and specialize in Will Writing services (inclusive of safe-keeping the Will and Executing the Will).  The Wills written by Ironswills will be drafted and double-checked by our Associate Counterpart (leading Trust Corporation in Malaysia), which own one of the largest in-house legal departments in Malaysia.

Ironwills would like to serve you the best by visiting you at no charge at all to provide Will Writing services or advices.

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What is a Will?

Will is legal document in written instruction, which made by you to pass your wealth to whom you choose to give, when to give upon your demised. It is a ‘declaration of intention’ of you that takes effect when you die. Will only has legal effect upon you demised. The greatness of a Will is, even if you pass away right now leaving a Legal Will, your loved ones will be taken care of. The long delay in transferring the assets due to administration and legal processes can be avoided by having a Legal Will.

A person can die in 3 ways:

With a Will – Died Testate

Without a Will – Died Intestate

With a Will but did not include all assetsPartial Intestacy (Wills made but did not include those assets which acquired or receive after written your Will).

A Will is not a contract, so it does not required to be stamped. Will is only stamped upon your demised and proven in court. That explains why Will has legal effect only after you died.





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