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Trust it is where you (The Settlor) transferring your assets during lifetime to Trustee with a written legal obligation (Trust Deed) to hold and manage assets (Trust Property) for the benefit of your named persons (Beneficiaries) for a period of time. All assets that are free of encumbrances can be used as a Trust Property.


Why Set Up A Trust

  • Assets distribution is tailor made to your written instructions
  • Confidentiality
  • Immediate usage of assets and funds (No Grant of Probate required)
  • Funds is not frozen upon death
  • Choice of beneficiaries to any persons or organizations even to himself
  • Creditor Proof (for irrevocable trust, after 5 years is protected against creditor during bankruptcy
  • Muslims can distribute outside Syariah distribution (for irrevocable trust)

 How your asset gets distributed through trust establishment


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