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  • Details of the Testator (Name, National Identification Card No., Correspondence Address and Contact No.) 
  • Revoke all earlier Wills made.
  • Details of in expectance of marriage to the fiancée inserted. Will shall not be revoked if mentioned in the Will.
  • Appoint minimum of one executor, trustee and guardian. (Executor can be Individual or Trust Corporation under Trust Companies Act 1949.
  • Instructions to distribute Estate
  • Directions for burial and donation of organs or donation for charity.
  • Residual Clause to transfer any Estate that Testator did not mention specifically in the Will. Without Residual Clause, anything not mentioned in the Will is distributed according to The Distribution Act 1958 and hence, the testator's wishes are not fully delivered.
  • Special directions or last words to family members and beneficiaries.
  • Operate only as a Declaration of Intention, which takes effect after death.
  • Does not interfere with power of disposition during lifetime.
  • Assets is more than liabilities.
  • Commorientes Instruction to be written in the Will (If the beneficiary dies shortly after the testator (e.g. 30 days) he/she still entitled to the assets)

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