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Priority will be given to the provision for funeral expenses and religious ceremonies.   Then provision shall be made to the creditors/outstanding debts. Balance of the Estate will go to the beneficiaries according to Syariah Law.

Where there are no Waris the whole estate will automatically goes to the Baitulmal or a Public Fund maintained by the Syariah.


Muslim Died Without a Valid Will

Apply to Syariah Court for Sijil Faraid

All the Quranic Heirs must consent to choose the same Administrator

Administrator to

Value the Estate

Administrator to find 2 Sureties (guarantor)

(To guarantee the Estate Value, if a Muslim died leaving RM1 million of Estate, the Administrator must find 2 Sureties who are willing to guarantee the same amount)  


Administrator to apply for

Letters of Administration in High Court and obtained


Letters of Administration generally 1 year and above



Administrator distributes assets according to Syariah Law


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