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What is a Will?
Why keep Your Will with Ironwills PDF Print E-mail

What is the use of your Will if nobody could find it?

Safekeeping of your Will is crucial even though you have written it.

All government departments, authority, public body and lawyers cannot keep your Will as a Custodian. This means safekeeping of the Will is your own responsibility!


What are the problems occurs when you keep your own Will?

  • Tampered

  • Accidentally Destroyed

  • Fail to locate the Will

  • Locate the wrong/old Will


What are the advantages keeping your Will with Ironwills?

  • Wills is securely kept and protected in a fire-resistant cabinet from hazards (fire, loss, flood and burglary)

  • Keep peace of mind

  • Confidentiality is preserved

  • Safe from tampering 

  • Easily located

  • Free from hassles

  • Available for updating anytime

  • Annual service reminder

  • Personal Assets Inventory Booklet for you to keep on track of your assets

  • Systematic Will Retrieval process

What Custodian Services Ironwills offered? PDF Print E-mail
  • Annual Custody Services

  • Lifetime Custody Services

Annual Custody Services for Will not written by Ironwills Lifetime Custody Services for Will not written by Ironwills

Does Muslims Subject to Wills Act 1959 and Wills Ordinance Sabah? PDF Print E-mail

No, Muslims is governed by Islamic Laws.

Can a Muslim write a Will? PDF Print E-mail

Yes! Muslim can write a Will (Wasiyyah) and the Holy Quran specially recommends the making of a Wasiyyah.

‘Every pious and God fearing persons must leave a Will (Surah Al-Baqarah (Chap 2) 180-182)’

It is a duty incumbent upon a Muslim when he leaves sufficient property for his heirs.


What are the Advantages of a Will (Wasiyyah)? PDF Print E-mail
  • You can choose your own most trusted person to be your Wasi (Executor) to administrate your estate.

  • If there is no Wasiyyah, there are many legal complications and the process is much longer.

  • No Sureties (guarantor) are required when you own a Will. 2 Sureties are required to Apply for Letter of Administration if you do not own a Will.

  • The sureties must at least have the same value as the Gross Estate to protect the interest of the Waris. (To guarantee the Estate Value, if a Muslim died leaving RM1 million of Estate, the Administrator must find 2 Sureties who are willing to guarantee the same amount).

  • Writing a Will is to ensure faster distribution of all the Estate with Grant of Probate.

  • Appoint Guardian (penjaga) for minor children.

  • Arrangement for Estate in the Will.

  • Providing additional assets to your wife by declaring Harta Sepencarian (Matrimonial Assets) for her in your Will up to maximum of 50% of your estate value. Matrimonial Assets are property acquired during the marriage by the husband.Matrimonial Assets are the constructive contributions by your wife to the wealth creation of the husband that needs to be recognized in the distribution of the husband’s estate.

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