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Your Will can be revoked upon:

  • Written declaration of your intention to revoke the Will dated on a certain day and sign on the piece of paper in the presence of two witnesses. The witnesses will then sign. The procedure is same with writing a Will. (Section 14, Wills Act, 1959, Malaysia).

  • Writing of a Later Will - A later Will supersedes earlier Wills. (Section 14, Wills Act, 1959, Malaysia).

  • Intentional Destruction - A Will is revoked if it is being destroyed. Accidental destruction by a malicious third party will, however, not constitute effective revocation of the Will.

  • Marriage – A Will is automatically revoked once he/she marries. However, if he/she plans to marry in the near future and a clause stating ‘in expectation of marriage’ is included, it will not revoke the Will. The details of the fiancée must be clearly stated in the Will. (Section 12, Wills Act, 1959, Malaysia)

  • Conversion to Islam - Once a non-Muslim person converts to the Muslim faith, the Islamic Law governs the distribution of the estate. (Section 2(2), Wills Act, 1959 Malaysia) 


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