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What is the use of your Will if nobody could find it?

Safekeeping of your Will is crucial even though you have written it.

All government departments, authority, public body and lawyers cannot keep your Will as a Custodian. This means safekeeping of the Will is your own responsibility!


What are the problems occurs when you keep your own Will?

  • Tampered

  • Accidentally Destroyed

  • Fail to locate the Will

  • Locate the wrong/old Will


What are the advantages keeping your Will with Ironwills?

  • Wills is securely kept and protected in a fire-resistant cabinet from hazards (fire, loss, flood and burglary)

  • Keep peace of mind

  • Confidentiality is preserved

  • Safe from tampering 

  • Easily located

  • Free from hassles

  • Available for updating anytime

  • Annual service reminder

  • Personal Assets Inventory Booklet for you to keep on track of your assets

  • Systematic Will Retrieval process


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