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Write a Will with Ironwills with the features below:

  • Professional Writing of English and Chinese Will
  • Professional Translation of Will  (English to Chinese, English to Malay, English to Tamil)
  • Professional Muslim Will Writing

Professional Will Safe Custodian

Ironwills will keep securely your Will on an annual or lifetime basis from fire and other hazard to enable the Testator and Executor of the Will to gain access to the Will when needed. Clients are issued special Will Custody Cards allowing their executors to retrieve the Will. Ironwills will give client a copy of  “Personal Assets Inventory Booklet” to help them keep on track of their assets and to ease their executor’s duty in the future when having to locate the assets. Those written Wills through lawyers, financial institutions and any other organizations, your Wills can be kept securely at Ironwills.

What Custodian Services Ironwills offered?

  • Annual Custody Services
  • Lifetime Custody Services
  • Annual Custody Services for Will not written by Ironwills
  • Lifetime Custody Services for Will not written by Ironwills

Professional Corporate Executor and Trustees

The person named in the Will to be in charge of administering the estate and to carry out the instructions in the Will is called the executor. The executor must have a great trustworthiness and capability. The executor can either be an individual (spouse, siblings, son or friend) or a Trust Corporation. If the individual is having difficulty to be an executor, there is always us to be the Corporate Executor.

Why nominate Trust Corporation to be your Executor?

  • Professionalism
  • Peace of Mind and free from hassles
  • Capability to Assume the Responsibility
  • Perpetual existence
  • Independence position
  • Published scale of charges

The duties and responsibilities of the executor and trustees:

  • Locating the Will
  • Funeral arrangements
  • Applying Grant of Probate
  • Consulting with family members and business associates
  • Identifying assets and debts
  • Valuing the assets
  • Protecting and managing assets
  • Paying debts and liabilities to creditors, including all appropriate tax authorities
  • Distributing assets
  • Preparing the account for the beneficiaries
  • Continue administration your assets in accordance of your instructions given
  • Managing your assets if the properties cannot be distributed yet
  • To manage if there are minor beneficiaries



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